Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Cookies n Cream" ice-cream

Hi people,

I thought that I have anyway given you the recepie for cookies, why not tell you how to make delicious cookies and cream ice-cream from it?

We may not be able to put up yummy recepies for some time as i have my exams :( and Yachna has gone for a Vacation :(.


1) Take some vanilla ice-cream (mother dairy works well) and let it melt a little.

2) Break the cookies into crumbs and mix it with the ice-cream.

3) Put it into the fridge to freeze overnight in a metal bowl and.................


There you have it home made cookies and cream ice-cream enjoy as a dessert or in between meals when you feel hungry ( the best way is to have one spoon at a time <3)

For Decorations-

1)You can put crumbled cookies on top of the ice-cream or even a whole cookie.

2)You can put some choclate sauce on it (recepie later)

3)you can also sreve it with some oreo biscuits.

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