Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Perfect Chocolate Sauce

Hey friends,
I was experementing over the last few monts on how to make the perfect chocolate sauce and i finally found it !YAY!. the taste one wants differs from person to person so ill give you the ingredients and you can try the amount of each to put yourself.
2) Butter or margarine or nutrilite
3) Milk
4) Sugar
1) Melt the butter and mix all the ingrediants together. The sauce should be liquidy but not like milk or water it should be like whipped cream. Taste it to get your flavour and remember the flavour you are tasting now will not change on cooling.
2) Put it on your cake or ice-cream or personally i like it best with toast... yummy.
3) To store just put it in the fridge.
( not in the freezer )

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